Anonymous said: Do you have a picture of a koala with a durry

I don’t think so, no.

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rawr-i-am-samurai said: I'm another 21 year old who usually sleeps with a Koala plushie! (Should we start a club or something?) He's a TY Beanie Buddy named Eucalyptus, which isn't the most original, but it was the name he came with. I've had him for about 14 years now I think, and he's still the best!

Hahah! Yes! This sounds like an excellent club.

I made mine at Build a Bear about 2 years ago :) 

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doughnugget said: Omg. I just started following you and have already decided that your blog is just plain awesome!!!! I love your posts ♡♡

Tis not me that is awesome, it is the Koalas that are awesome. 

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crushalltheraspberries said: I just found your blog and it's amazing!!!!

Haha! Thank you! I try <3 

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milamccartney said: I've got a huge koala collection since x years ago and even though I'm 21 years old I have a koala soft toy at my pillow for comfort.

I am 10 times jealous of you right now! 

I’m 21 years old and I sleep with a stuffed Koala plushie. His name is Gavin. 

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Anonymous said: I've loved koalas all my life and find comfort in their presence, but people always make fun of me cause they are "ugly." I'm afraid I will one day give in and hate them too cause they would remind me of the mocking comments. Any advice on what i could do to avoid that?

I really don’t understand how anybody can find them ugly! They are adorable! 

Honestly, the best way to avoid it is to just stick up for yourself. Tell people that you don’t appreciate the way their opinion is making you feel. Just be proud of your favorite animal and sass somebody if they talk crap. 

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